The Law of Attraction & Natural Progression

June 30th, 2008 by John Wolfe

After recording three podcasts (episodes 4, 5 & 6) pertaining to the intentional creation of our reality, I realized much was stated verbally that hasn’t been expressed through my writing. Specifically, I’m referring to the recognition of how the law of attraction (LOA) really isn’t a quick fix mechanism, but instead a total lifestyle change. In my audio recordings, I equated the LOA to the application of proper eating and exercise: results will always be directly related to the consistent application of the knowledge at hand (both through our thoughts and our actions).

Despite what many law of attraction teachings state, regarding turning our lives completely around in twenty or thirty days, I find it’s more of a natural progression. And I don’t feel natural progressions are dictated by human time tables. While there may very well be instances where people completely perform a 180 degree transformation, on all levels, in four weeks; large manifestations of change primarily unfold in a very different manner.

I personally have been involved with instantaneous materializations, so I know they are possible. Although I do feel our beliefs are directly correlated to this type of phenomenon, there is still no denying the natural, unrushed progression which can be observed consistently in nature. This is why I focused on the wisdom of water in my last post, leading up to today’s entry.

As we honestly look to the behavior of naturally occurring elements, performing as they always have on this planet; we are granted a window into a lost world, minus human socialization. This world is “lost” to most because we have forgotten the innate understanding of how all things synchronize, in harmony, through a natural orderly progression. It’s completely socialized out of us.

We have cast aside our ability to set forth a desire, line up with a steady psychological path, minus doubt, and physically pursue our interest with a soft and gentle consistency. If we would maintain this awareness, the Universe, in its own naturally progressive way, would harmoniously deliver our intention, every time. In nature there are no deadlines or demands that can force its hand. It absolutely provides what is needed and intended, but nothing can strong-arm it into doing so at a faster pace.

“Away” from the natural world, back amongst humanity, we’ve come to believe we have to make things happen, but the Universe knows better. LOA teachings indicating everything in our lives can turn around on a dime are stated with good intentions, but they still hint of deadlines, time tables, and forcing a change. This attitude flies in the face of the concept of natural progression, which can be viewed throughout all settings in nature.

Many years ago, there was a margarine commercial airing on television, boasting about the product’s taste and how it was impossible to tell the difference between it and butter. The commercials always ended with a female actress depicting Mother Nature, stating, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” These ads were insinuating the margarine company had pulled a fast one on “her” by capturing the taste of real butter in their non-butter product. While these were only commercials, this same attitude prevails among many people, even if it’s unintentional.

We are always trying to pull one over on nature to speed up a process here or there. That same mindset has even found its way into ideas and concepts for intentionally creating our reality. While we may feel we’re able to “fool” Mother Nature for a short while, there are always repercussions. This is why it’s important to understand we absolutely can have, be or do anything, but we simultaneously need to respect the natural progression of all things. If we work in harmony with this understanding, we will not burn out on the LOA, as so many do, when using it as a quick-fix remedy.

Our lives did not reach their present state overnight. They are an accumulation of momentous thoughts and actions which have come to fruition through their own natural progression. To alter our current manifested reality we absolutely must begin making emotional and physical changes, but we have to recognize this is an entire lifestyle change, for the rest of our lives. Just as years of momentum brought us to our present moment, momentum will also lead us to an entirely different place in our lives. If we have changed our thoughts and actions and are working with the flow of natural progression, instead of trying to fight it; it’s guaranteed our future will look extremely different than our past.

It can be difficult to move beyond the “I want it now” forceful mentality. This is why I frequently discuss focusing on our passion as a component of working with the law of attraction. When we pursue our passion we naturally tap into the same wisdom as flowing water, without even thinking about it. This allows us to return to that lost world of knowledge within ourselves. When focusing on passionate pursuits, we instinctually perform more in sync with the elements and the characteristics of natural progression, without always forcing something to happen. We drop the attitude of trying (which isn’t seen in nature) and adopt the attitude of consistently doing, by being softly deliberate, gently intentional and quietly unfailing. This state of being will see us through every leg of our journey.

I don’t believe understanding and assimilating the ideas of natural progression will cause manifestations to appear at a slower rate. In my opinion, it actually accentuates our abilities to become intentional creators. We will be more in harmony with the Universe and its abundance when we are simultaneously creating alongside its natural processes, as opposed to seeing ourselves wielding a form of external control over it- trying to milk it, as quickly as possible, for all it’s worth.

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  1. Raymond Burton Says:

    Just popping by while finishing of the personal development carnival and what a surprise! Great articles and tons of information here John. I’m glad I checked it out and look forward to coming back after to read and listen more to what you have to say!


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  3. John Wolfe Says:


    Thank you so much for featuring “The Law of Attraction & Natural Progression” in your awesome carnival! And, thank you for your kind words. I hope you continue to enjoy your visits to Wind of the Soul. As the Beverly Hillbillies’ theme song says, “kick your shoes off, stay awhile.” :)