Podcast #9: Out of Body Experience Techniques

August 3rd, 2008 by John Wolfe

Following in the footsteps of my seventh and eighth recordings, this ninth episode features a narration of one of my earlier posts, Techniques For Achieving an OBE. The episode runs 20 minutes, 38 seconds and the file size is 18.8 MB (for downloading).

This recording can be streamed in the player in the podcast section or played here directly: Out of Body Experience Techniques.

Episode nine features:

- Easy to follow tips for learning basic meditation
- A discussion on the “still point” and why it’s the most advantageous state for achieving astral projection
- Methods for finding the still point in meditation and how this aids us in projecting at bedtime (the most beneficial time to practice out of body experiences)
- The importance of utilizing visualization techniques to create the feeling of motion
- A discussion on sensations and symptoms, which indicate a projection may be imminent

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3 Responses to “Podcast #9: Out of Body Experience Techniques”

  1. Goldie Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I LOVE THIS PODCAST John!! At last! Dear Friend, as you know, it was from YOUR podcast on youtube last year November that brought a whole new heightened state of awareness regarding my OBEing. I knew for quite sometime that what my body was doing, or the feelings and sounds in my room were NOT of the “norm” but could never find an answer for years. Out of nowhere, in comes your podcast on youtube and absolutely changed my OBEing growth FOREVER! Since then I HAVE been able to be more aware before I fall asleep, more at ease with the physical sensations I have while in the “in-between” stage and also I’ve had more ability to remember my dreams upon waking. During this current moment of time we live in and the trillions of spiritual energies and streams coming into our con/subconscious, being able to recall the dreams upon waking is most important. Though it may not make much sense upon writing them down or recording them, later down the line they will come in handy. I also wanted to add that you have an absolutely hypnotic voice, very potent indeed and you would be wonderful in guided meditations, nice and slow, deep, comfortable voice. I do hope that sometime in the future we are so blessed to have you experiment with doing guided meditation for us. Either way, I’m loving this podcast and thank you so much for doing this and for making your new website so “clean” and easy to read and get around on. It was well worth the wait Dear Friend. Wishing you all of the best John, now and forever, your good friend, Goldie~~~

  2. John Wolfe Says:


    Thank you so much for your kind words. :) I am so glad the information was helpful to you. I really want to work on the guided meditations, but haven’t found the music I will be using in the background. I’m glad you reminded me about this project though, because I have been wanting to pursue it more actively. Time to get busy. :)

    Thanks again!

  3. Goldie Says:

    LoL, oh wow, sorry, you know me…..I just noticed the date and TIME this was posted and just about fell out of my ice packed lower back!!!! August 11………AT 11:11………LoL………wow, of all dates to have an 1111 marking………I’m trippin big time! I bet you there is not a single other time marked on this entire site that has such numbers all at once like that! Amazing, I’ve got to make note of this one………and from all people, YOU……..11:11……….priceless, LoL. I’ll say no more and YES, I’ll be the first one to sign up for your guided meditation, TRUST ME!!!!

    All My Best, Goldie~~~