Out of Body Experiences: Ten Tips

March 6th, 2009 by John Wolfe

So far, I’ve written twelve articles and recorded two podcasts pertaining to out of body experiences. By far and away, I receive more questions and consistent feedback on this subject matter than any other. Many of you may also know I post all of my podcasts as You Tube videos. As it turns out, the Out of Body Experience Techniques video (link takes you to the You Tube video) has become my most frequently viewed to date.

Due to the growing amount of interest in my work on astral projection, I wrote this entry to share a few more of my thoughts on the subject. The following ten tips are a combination of topics I’ve yet to address and frequent questions I receive via email and messages. This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive:

1. OBE shortcuts? Just like any other form of achievement, experiencing astral projection consciously and soberly (minus the aid of any drug) takes consistent practice and work. There are no OBE shortcuts. Though I fell into astral projection “accidentally”, the experience is rarely (if ever) automatically there for the asking. The only exception to this is when I’m occasionally awakened by the vibrational state during a dream.

I still have to consistently practice if I want to have a fully conscious experience and even then, I may not encounter a projection. In roughly 99 out of 100 attempts, I only get as far as the pre-projection symptom stage. I don’t believe there is any strategy which will substitute for consistent practice of commonly known techniques. Astral projection techniques need to be routinely explored and tailored to fit the individual.

2. Out of body experiences aren’t a form of magic. While they absolutely contain the most amazing mystical feeling, they’re still a part of our conscious awareness. This awareness just happens to be in an altered state from that which we are primarily accustomed to experiencing. Robert Monroe (author of the “Journeys” Trilogy of books) said it best, when he described astral projection as a movement or shift along the spectrum of consciousness.

When we are focused on our physical body, we are experiencing one very specific point on the full spectrum of consciousness. Once we experience an altered state, such as astral projection, we are encountering another point along the spectrum. Who knows how many different ways and means are available to us for interpreting reality?

3. Out of Body or never in the body to begin with? This next point differs greatly from the ingrained concept of the soul or consciousness being seated within our physical vehicle. I don’t personally feel consciousness is contained by the body. I feel consciousness flows through the physical shell, but it’s not housed by it, as if it’s separate from all other things. For all intents and purposes, there’s no “out there” or “in here” – it’s all one gigantic flow of energy.

During many of my projections, I’ve received feedback, indicating out of body experiences are a journey deeper into consciousness and that very consciousness is all that exists. I feel OBE’s have less to do with becoming a displaced “ghost” and more to do with tuning into different aspects along the spectrum of consciousness (as mentioned in number 2). Retuning and shifting our interpretation of the web of interconnectivity is the primary function of projecting. We’re not trying to become a spectral traveler, but instead a communicator with the conscious cosmos.

4. Fear. Outside of what’s rummaging around in our own mind, there is absolutely nothing to be terrified of during astral projections. I know there are a slew of books that state otherwise, however, I never buy into new-age fear based talk.

One of the main themes in my writing is personal empowerment through exploration and getting outside the box. Though OBE’s seem far removed from the box of “normal” thinking; we still must move beyond another box – the one that exists in the metaphysical community. My personal exploration of the out of body state has never revealed anything that could pose a serious threat.

On the other hand, if someone has a pre-existing medical condition that can be seriously aggravated by fear or stress levels, then I highly recommend that person doesn’t attempt astral projection. While there’s nothing that can harm us, it’s still quite natural to experience a moderate degree of stress as the experience can feel so foreign and bizarre.

I’m not suggesting we journey into the astral state minus respect for the process. But it is helpful to understand we are the playwrights for the process. As FDR once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” That’s especially true of astral projection.

We can always address the fear of projecting with this thought: if death is an OBE with no return ticket, then we’re going to have to face it anyway. If projecting at death is inevitable for us all, then what could possibly be waiting to harm us?

5. OBE spying missions. There seems to be a major interest in using the out of body state as a means for spying or peeping at others. Far be it from me to suggest this is inappropriate. I’m not here to judge what people do, yet humankind already uses and manipulates one another in the worst way on the physical plane. Why would we want to take more of the same and apply it during beautiful, mind-expanding experiences? This is tantamount to camping at the most pristine location in nature and then throwing our garbage in the lake.

I believe astral projections provide us with the means to understand more about our capabilities and possibly even our origins. There are infinite opportunities to explore without attempting to use our time for trying to get the goods on someone else.

6. Astral sex. Sex in the out of body state is absolutely possible. Astral “sex” (from my experience) does not resemble its physical counterpart. It tends to feel more like an incredible exchange of energy or an electrified form of dance. For lack of a better way to describe it – I often equate it to having my energy “dipped into.”

Similar to using the out of body state for our own personal spying game, I don’t advise anyone to wander the astral plane hungrily looking for sex partners. The experience I had with so-called astral sex, happened naturally in a totally unassuming way. I’ll be discussing sex (both physically and out of the body) in future posts.

7. Out of body experiences and the brain. One of the arguments against the legitimacy of astral projection is that the experience is said to stem entirely from the brain. I don’t argue that point because I can’t say for certain if it does or doesn’t. Similarly, we can’t say for certain whether or not the entire physical experience isn’t just a simulation by the brain as well. Yet, we still fully believe physical reality is legitimate. The same holds true for the astral state.

Whether the brain creates the occurrence or not, OBE’s have an extremely valid, legitimate feeling associated with them. In my opinion, the brain is the linkup between our physical self and our awareness. It is not the source of awareness.

8. Astral projection and subjective reality. While I personally feel our external reality is more subjective than objective; out of body experiences are extremely subjective in nature. Your mood, attitude and mindset are responsible for shaping your experience, almost instantaneously.

You want to talk about thoughts becoming things – astral projection is the most thought responsive environment you’ll ever encounter next to the dream landscape. Though there does appear to be portions of the astral plane which are built by general consensus, your primary feelings will be responsible for coloring almost every aspect of your experience.

9. The myth of the silver cord. The silver cord is said to be the lifeline between the astral body and the physical body. If severed, the individual is thought to pass away during a projection.

I’ve never encountered a silver cord during any of my experiences. That doesn’t mean it’s not real, but my bet is that it falls under number 8. When we are dealing with an extremely belief/thought responsive experience, there are no hard-and-fast rules regarding descriptive characteristics. In other words, one person’s projection is never going to be exactly identical to another person’s.

10. Astral projection and god. Will we see god or any other religious or spiritual deity during a projection? This question also falls under number 8. Similar to the near death experience, if a spiritual avatar is encountered during an OBE, the avatar seems to be dependent upon the belief or faith of the individual: Christians find Christ, Muslims find Mohammed, Buddhists find Buddha, etc.

Not surprisingly, I’ve never met a well known spiritual teacher during my experiences. I personally believe all that exists is the physical and non-physical representation of the source awareness and there’s no separation between us and that which is referenced as god.

The beauty in these findings (both through astral projection and near death experiences): they should help teach us tolerance of the beliefs of others. If everyone is right, thanks to thought-responsive, subjective realities (especially in the “afterlife”), then no one can be wrong. I hope these ten thoughts and strategies help with your adventures into the out of body state. If you have further questions, you’re always welcome to contact me.

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