Inner Peace

July 14th, 2009 by John Wolfe

Inner Peace is the title of the 13th Wind of the Soul podcast installment. This episode features a reading of the blog post: 8 Tips for Achieving a More Secure Peaceful State of Mind, along with further thoughts on several of the ideas contained in the entry. This episode’s running time is 10:52 and file size for download is 9.95 MB. It can be played via the embedded player in the Audio section, or on your media player by following the Inner Peace link, or in the embedded You Tube players below.

Thanks for joining me for this installment. I appreciate the continued feedback regarding the podcast series.

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5 Responses to “Inner Peace”

  1. Goldie Says:

    John, if you only KNEW how much I LOVE your podcasts. The sound quality is absolutely awesome, very deep and crystal clear my friend. I’m so happy you had time to do this. Your 8 tips for a peaceful state of mind were on my front youtube page for the longest time last year. All of your blogs on here are quite profound. I know with Halloween quickly approaching you won’t have much time to do some more on this website but I sure do look forward to when you can make more podcasts and or write another lovely blog entry.

    LoL, now…..:-) regarding “our” other subject matter, your right!!!! I heard quite a few different tones John. Did you? What gets me is that, it was as though you were reading a night time story for them because they were quite reactive to what you were saying out loud. The “male” was easy to hear and I’m pleased that they agree with what you are saying ;-) Guess we’re on the right track after all ‘ey? The child/and or female voice could be heard but it was hard to make out what was said. What I did notice, however, was how much she wanted to say something to #2. I picked up on 5-6 remarks she made while you were reading out loud.

    I’m going to record at the “new” house today and see what comes about. A couple of things happened yesterday while I was there, one of which got both of our attention (B and I) as we looked in the same direction where the sound came from. Oh and I should get your package off tomorrow, finally–I know, it’s a really detailed package though and I wanted everything clearly marked with notes as to what they are…’ll see. John, sounds like you are grand central station ;-) in that many seem to come and go at your place. Most interesting my friend, oh and I’ll find that GH clip for you of the “out of the ground” thingy ;-) Sorry for getting off the subject here……….excellent podcast hun, as always!

    All My Best, Goldie~*~

  2. John Wolfe Says:

    Thank you very much, Goldie. There is definitely a big difference between recording with a digital recorder and recording with the high-quality mic and podcasting equipment I use – the case for recording my “visitors” is evident in this as well. :) Now you can see why I’ve been telling you I continue to hear their conversations in the clairaudient manner, even in my home. It’s good to know they may be approving of my take on achieving inner peace. I did notice there were different tones in the commentary that was around me.

    I’ll definitely continue to write here at Wind of the Soul, but I really enjoy the podcasting and may focus on it for quite some time into the future. I’m interested in hearing more about your new recordings. Take your time on the package – I’m looking forward to it, but there’s no rush. Thanks again!

  3. Glenda Says:

    I’m fifty. I’ve had astral projections for a long time so it was a great comfort to me a decade or so ago, to hear the term and understand that others had them also. I just watched Podcast of the Soul, Part 1 and 2. Interestingly, I went to a site that blogs about astral projection, mostly young people, and told them many of the same things that you said – if you have one or two, they will continue to happen, that kind of thing. When I had them, they scared me because I didn’t understand them. In the year 2000, I went to a place where parents were crying, the children are all gone. There were very white, bleached limbs, torsos, and other images. I asked someone that I couldn’t see, what it meant. There were lots of other details. I had this same trip four nights in a row. A few days later, a plane crashed carrying French students. There bodies were pulled from the ocean, very white from the salt water. A few months later, I made a “trip” into an airplane and inside a male person. I saw through his eyes. Then something happened quickly, too quickly to scream. Next he was lying on a stretcher, looking over at a body bag. There were other details. The next day, in the afternoon, a plane crashed in the afternoon on take-off. There were survivors. The news showed a man lying on a stretcher. That’s when I realized, they are true trips. Since then, they have gotten clearer and farther. I have asked a few times to go “very far.” They still scare me just a little, but not nearly as badly. Thanks for sharing your info on this subject.

  4. Glenda Says:

    My last trip was very far, not in mileage, but in a different way. That’s perhaps why I am reading and learning deeper on this subject.

  5. Liara Covert Says:

    I found this site after listening to some of your videos on YouTube. Greatly appreciate your podcasts and articles. Have added you to my blogroll.I sense a kindred spirit with expanding consciousness. Blessings to you!