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The Thrill of Being Physically Focused

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

A Wind of the Soul visitor sent me a great email just a few days ago. He had listened to my law of attraction podcast and was specifically interested in the segment where I discussed receiving two pennies through seemingly mystical means. In his letter, he asked if I fully believed in my abilities to manifest financial wealth and abundance, without the need to take any physical action. He also was curious to know whether or not I was capable of realizing my true power and if so, why I would choose to continue pursuing my online businesses for bringing in income, if I indeed was in tune with my capabilities?

I love all of the feedback I receive from my visitors, but I truly appreciate it when someone asks probing questions, such as these. I’m not at all offended or put off by such questions, as they help me to consider new ways of looking at the subjects I frequently discuss. They also provide me with some insight into what my visitors are taking away from and bringing to my blog posts and podcasts.

In honestly answering his questions, I stated I do not believe enough in my power of instantaneous materialization to remove the need for taking all physical action. Over time, I have developed a belief in a balance and a synergy between my thoughts and my required actions for manifesting those thoughts.
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Wind of the Soul Updates

Monday, September 1st, 2008

I’d like to take an opportunity in this post to briefly discuss my blogging style, since I have been receiving some questions regarding how frequently Wind of the Soul will be updated. Although this website is only a couple of months old, the content does date back to May of 2007. If you scroll through the archives page, you’ll find a wide variety of update patterns. At times I have written two posts over the course of three days and at other times I have gone as long as ten or twelve days before adding content.

This fluctuation is due to a couple of reasons. The first is because I don’t ever want to mechanize my writing or my audio recordings. Since I’m blogging about spirituality and self-help topics, which stem from my inner-personal perspective, I don’t believe in timetables or forcing the flow of the work. The second reason is because I divide my time between Wind of the Soul and Season of Shadows (my Halloween and paranormal site). As October 31st draws closer, I tend to get even busier with my Halloween preparations.
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Q & A: Comas & the Astral Plane

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Question: My question pertains to the comatose state. Could you give your opinion on comas and whether or not you believe there’s a connection between the consciousness of a coma patient and the astral plane? Despite the fact most patients appear unresponsive, is their consciousness fully aware and possibly traveling outside the body? – Sheena

Answer: I absolutely believe comas provide the means for a patient’s awareness to pursue nonphysical realms. However, I can’t say for certain they are actually spending time on the astral plane. I feel the term astral plane has become a sort of catch all for anything deemed nonphysical, but I do believe the coma patient’s consciousness is extremely busy exploring other avenues of existence.
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Q & A: Out of Body Noises & Sensations

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Question: During out of body experiences I’ve encountered many sounds and sensations in my room, around my bed, and near my body. If our astral bodies are pure energy, then why would they create or make sounds we normally associate with our physical bodies? If these sounds and sensations are not related to our astral energy, then what do you think causes them? –Cynthia S.

Answer: The subject of astral “symptoms” is one that I’ve spent a lot of time experiencing, pondering, and writing about. There are many possibilities for answering your question.

Most of the out of body literature points to the fact the majority of sounds and sensations occur just prior to full projection. It seems to me there is an incredible amount of energy being built up during the pre-projection phase.
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Q & A: Visiting Psychics & Selling Metaphysical Teachings

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Question: My wife’s girlfriend averages visiting a psychic, three or four times a month. I’d like to hear your opinion about psychics, and more specifically, psychics that specialize in foreseeing the future?
-Carl H.

Answer: I feel we can take any information, no matter the source, and use it to our advantage or disadvantage. This is just as true of psychics as it is anything else. The main problem that can erupt, lies in our over reliance and dependence on these external forms of information. Your question leads me back into the area of thought I explore more frequently than any other in my posts- and that’s the understanding of our own spiritual power.
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