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Understanding Death through Consciously Living Life

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

I just found out a recent acquaintance of mine passed away. We weren’t friends. We actually spoke only briefly a couple of times. But the fact our last conversation occurred a few days prior to her passing is what prompted me to write today’s entry. It never ceases to amaze me how our consciousness can be physically focused one minute and then “gone” the next. I suppose no matter my state of comprehension, regarding the subject of death, I will always be taken aback at that one simple realization.

Many years ago, I spent a lot of time pondering over whether or not we even survive the process of dying. After much soul searching and exploration into the subject, including my own personal experiences with astral projection, I came to the conclusion that a form of our awareness does continue on. Just what that form may consist of and if it’s indeed eternal with regards to our individual personality, I can’t say for certain.
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The Intelligent Mind of All That Is

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Despite our individual belief systems, many people are coming to the understanding of an intelligent force maneuvering through everything in our Universe, whether it’s viewed as being of the ether, theological, or quantum. Though we call this force by a variety names, they all essentially represent the ideas of sentience and omnipresence.

I view this force in many different ways, but for the purpose of this post I’ll be referring to it as the Universal mind or the mind of all that is. It’s this mind that our very being continues to spring forth from and makes its eventual return to. As we live our lifetimes, we stretch the mind further and farther than it’s ever been before. For we are not only of the mind itself but we are also contained inside of it.
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Ineffable States of Enlightenment

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

“A fly wanders back and forth through the air, then lands on the window pane. It launches itself, flies for two feet, then lands on the glass again. It continues to walk around, on the glass, never finding the exit.

“It doesn’t know that there is an opening in the window just a few feet away. You and I can see the opening because we have the big picture. If only the fly would un-limit itself, get the bigger picture, and allow itself the freedom and perspective to fly higher, it could rise above it all and be free.

“Instead, it is content to wander aimlessly. Now I tell you: You are that fly. You know the way out. But You Choose to Ignore it.” – excerpted from Lessons Out of the Body, by Robert Peterson

In my last post I discussed the concept of letting go and how I’m learning to apply it in a very specific area of my life. However, I’ve also come to realize letting go, in other areas, can lead to some of the most profound experiences of our lives. If we could learn to release our over attachment to beliefs, circumstances and ideas, we could expand our perspectives immensely. It’s this expansion of perspective that will continue to prevent us from stagnating in every experience of consciousness we encounter.
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Altered States of Consciousness & Aspects of Awareness

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

In my last post I discussed methods for taking an inner journey to discover your own personal truths. One of the methods mentioned for achieving this was using altered states of consciousness. When I refer to altered states, I’m not talking about taking the route Terence McKenna often employed for getting there.

I think the use of psychotropic agents is one of many methods for achieving legitimate altered states; however I’m concerned with having a more intentional, whole, fluid, and intact experience. I want to be completely aware of what’s occurring during the altered state and I want to have full recall of it after the fact; something that drugs may not always grant us. I’ve just never been into hallucinogens (or any other drugs for that matter) and choose to rely on deep meditation as my method for obtaining results. I don’t personally endorse the use of such agents. But I believe we can’t discuss the expansion of our consciousness without at least addressing the fact they play a prominent role in many experiences.
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Discovering the Truths of Your Existence

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

You will never find the ultimate truths, pertaining to your existence, in a church, mosque or synagogue. Nor will they ever be located between the pages of a book or in the prose of this blog, or any other. They cannot be gleaned from the speeches of our greatest orators, motivational gurus, religious leaders or philosophers. They’ll never be discovered in scientific experiments. And you won’t even find them amidst the multitude of hectic external experiences you encounter during the course of your life. Just as soon as you believe you have it all figured out, based strictly upon any of the preceding methods, you’ll realize (if you’re paying attention) that the answers have eluded you once again.

This is the essence of interacting in what appears to be an outwardly focused version of reality and it’s the price you pay for primarily depending upon the ever changing nature of the physical landscape. There’s only one location in which the coming and going of the tides never makes an impact, and that’s within you. While your inner-self benefits completely and expands exponentially from that which you are experientially living, its ultimate truth about who and what you are will never, ever change.
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