Nurturing Your Inner Knowledge

Welcome to Wind of the Soul. This site is designed to foster personal expansion and provide self-help, both physically and metaphysically. It's about tapping into the unstoppable components of the human spirit, and re-discovering your innate abilities to attain balance and well being. It's about listening to your own personal inner knowledge- and it's about moving beyond the preconceived boundaries and limits of mind and matter to provide the means for changing your life in anyway you desire.

The pages contained herein devote their attention to shifting consciousness, through an exploration that leads to more pronounced spiritual awareness. This site illustrates how consistent application of such a shift can provide us with glimpses into our true nature.

When we catch a peek into that which we truly are, we begin to become more empowered in every facet of our lives. Real power is not about externally controlling or manipulating people and things. Real power stems from recognizing we actually have the ability to change and enhance our lives, from the inside out.

This site explores multiple avenues of awareness: ordinary and altered, physical and nonphysical. It delves into mystical encounters and philosophies to help you to uncover the source of your personal reality; while simultaneously balancing this knowledge with grounded concepts for application in everyday experiences. It does all of this for the purpose of assisting you in having a more fulfilling, joyous, harmoniously abundant life.

Site Content

Self Help & Inspirational Writing: In the Wind of the Soul Blog, you will find a variety of subject matter all geared towards helping you tap into your inner wisdom and abilities, including: info covering the law of attraction, the deliberate creation of reality, out of body experiences and altered states of consciousness, the importance of pursuing and embracing self truth, living intentionally with passion and purpose, paradigm shifts in thought and being, maintaining perspective regarding the material world, strategies for living a happier, healthier life, learning to stay present, appreciating your personal journey, means for moving beyond fear, inspiration for achieving your goals, and much more.

Audio Recordings: The Podcast section features companion recordings to many of the subjects found in the blog. All of the mp3 files can either be played directly on this site or downloaded for listening at your convenience.

Blog Archives: You can find easy, chronological access to every post in the Archives section of this site.

Wind of the Soul is more than just a name- it's a recommendation for the work found here. While we all share in the unity of consciousness, we are each unique in terms of our own personal journey. I always suggest you move with the wind of your soul as you search this site; only taking in the information which resonates with you, and leaving the rest behind.

No one, outside of you, can provide the answers to your distinctive personal nature. That which you seek has always been within. The content found here serves only as a means to help you uncover your truths and to solidify the knowledge of your own amazing potential.